e-patent provides more particularly the following services in connection with patents:

Collaboration in the setting-up of an internal patent politics and following up of this politics depending on the evolution of the company.

Analysis of inventions.

Prior art searches.

Patentability studies.

Patent clearance studies and evaluation of infringement risks with respect to third party rights.

Drafting of patent application texts.

Filing of patent applications and following up of the proceedings in any country.

Representation and assistance in opposition and appeal proceedings in connection with the client rights or to third party rights.

Preparation and drafting of license agreements and of others contracts related to inventions.

Preparation of warning letters to the attention of possible infringers.

Assistance during judicial or non judicial litigations in connection with patents.

Expertise, drafting of legal advices in the field of industrial property.

Lectures on demand in the field of patents of invention.